「網路霸凌(Cyberbullying)」現象「網路霸凌(Cyberbullying)」現象所謂網路霸凌,是指藉電子郵件、留言板、社交軟體、聊天室等線上科技管道進行霸凌行為。與實體霸凌差異有以下幾點: 一、無實質生理接觸,霸凌方式採取辱罵、抹黑、人身攻擊等心理層面攻擊,對個人所造成的影響,不見得比生理上霸凌來得輕,有時甚至傷害程度更大。 二、發生難度低,但發現機會小。只要有電腦、能上網就能執行網路霸凌,加上網路「匿名」的特點,降低施暴者執行難度,提高跟隨者加入的誘因。除非師長敏感度非常高,否則發現難度比實體霸凌還室內裝潢要高上許多。 三、影響範圍大、持續時間長。研究發現,實體霸凌在寒暑假期間,會因學生彼此接觸減少隨之減緩,但網路霸凌並不會如此;加上網路領域無遠弗屆、網路內容永久存在,傷害力道與時程也非實體霸凌所能比擬。 家長除要注意子女情緒變化外,也要對子女網路使用狀況表示關心與興趣,共同討論及說明,切忌直接禁止。若孩子已出現心情低落、食欲、睡眠變差、拒學或有自殺想法時,則應積極尋求專業人員協助。 青少年方面,受到類似傷害應立即向師長反應,也應注意不要加入互相攻擊的惡性循環。校方及老師方面,則應教育學生言建築設計論自由與尊重他人間的平衡點、以及相關法令規定,避免青少年輕忽網路霸凌的影響力與法律責任。唯有三方面正視這個問題的嚴重性,齊心協力面對它,才有辦法做出最有效的回應與處理。( 聯合報)相關資料: 「網路霸凌(Cyberbullying)」現象 近五萬國中生曾被校園霸凌或勒索 目睹霸凌未聲張 沈默孩子罪惡感強烈Cyber-bullying網路霸凌 is "the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others".[1] As 小額信貸it has become more common in society, particularly among young people, legislation and awareness campaigns have arisen to combat it. 網上欺凌,又稱網上霸凌、網路霸凌等,是指一種在網際網路上發生的欺凌或霸凌事件,乃網路世代的新興產物。 [一種]涉及對信息及通信技術技術的應用,以支援針對個人或群體進行惡意的、重複的、敵意的行為,以使其他人受到傷害。Cyber-bullying defined相關資料:- http://stopcyberbullying.org- http://cyberbullying.org- http://cyberbullying.us- http://stoptextbully.com- 西裝http://stopbully.hk This video illustrates the dangers of cyber bullying and offers solutions to the problem. Hi, this is Kent from Kls Support Services.In cooperation with Childnet International - Please watch this video and please comment. Cyber Bullying has got to stop. So many awesome young people and adults, go thru this every day. It dosen't have to happen and believe it or not, It does, It's illegal and people performing this type of Bullying can be arested. Please Help 租辦公室Stop this activity. If you know someone doing this type of bullying, Please get involved and Stop the Madness.Thank you ,KentKls Support ServicesPlease visit their page at:http://www.childnet-int.org/ What is Cyberbullying or Online bullying? Online bullying or Cyberbullying is on the rise and has profoundly damaging consequences for children and teens. Cyberbullying happens when a child, preteen or teen is threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise by another child, 開幕活動preteen, or teen (sometimes by adults ) using the Internet, mobile phones or other digital devices.The Internet has created a new world of social communications, while most interactions are positive, increasingly teens and kids are using internet to harass and embarrass others.Practice of cyberbullying is not limited to children, if adults become involved, it is cyber-harassment or cyberstalking.Teen bullying are no longer restricted to the school yard and they are often online, out of 酒店兼職the sight of teachers and parents. According to researches, 75 percent of teens have been bullied online, as cyber-bullying is anonymous only 10 % of teens have reported the problem to parents or teachers.How Are Kids and Teens CyberbulliedSome examples of Cyber bullying can include:,Sending online threats Sending cruel or threatening e-mails Using IM tools ( instant messaging) harass others Using someone else’s e-mail to send incriminating e-mails Making sexual remarks via internet 景觀設計or via SMS revealing personal information Spread lies and rumors about victims Post pictures without their consentEffects of CyberbullyingA Missouri mother(Drew’s case) faces serious consequences at Court for her role in MySpace emails directed at a 13-year-old neighbor girl . The girl committed suicide after receiving harassing messages on MySpace. Drew’s case is the America ’s first cyberbullying trial.[Imege Credit: http://citizen.nfb.ca/]Follow us on Twitter, or get daily 房屋買賣updates via email.Related entries:Kids Online Safety and Parental Control Software Myspace Launches Online Music Service How To Avoid Online Auction Fraud ? IPL merchandise online Online Stock Trading – Advantages and Disadvantages Get Free online college Education Online Crosswords – free quick, cryptic, and themed An Online File Comparison Tool Online Stock Trading Websites Reliance Money, Motilal Oswal Best Online Stock Trading PlatformTagged as: cyber-harassment, Cyberbullying, 澎湖民宿cyberstalking, Online bullying
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